Thanks Esquire! My Chefugee article published today

Read it here while the digital ink’s still wet!

(P.S. Good to know that my former journo colleagues – “The Writers Bloc” as we called us Gen-Xers – have now all moved up as editors in big publications. 🙂 )


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  1. Becki says:

    Hi Natalia…Becki from the blog meetup last week. Great article and a fantastic concept. I’ve just signed up via email to follow along so I can be sure to sign up for the next dinner. 🙂


    1. kusinamadrid says:

      Hi Becki! Thank you! Added you to the mailing list! We’re still looking for a venue for March, but April is locked in already at La Piscine Café, we’ll send you an invite. See you there 🙂


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