Refugee Food Festival Europe

I’m BEYOND THRILLED to be the Madrid project holder for the European-wide Refugee Food Festival this June, in celebration of World Refugee Day 2017.

These past weeks, we’ve been so busy flitting about from restaurant to restaurant, closing agreements, meeting chefugees and finally briefing the Project Chefugee team at a general meeting yesterday at the UNHCR/ACNUR office in central Madrid. I can’t believe how our little project has come such a long way in a year’s time! Hard not to gush at how committed and hardworking the team is to the cause.

For Madrid, every day from 19 to 25 June, a total of nine restaurants are opening their kitchens to the wonderful refugee chefs we’ve been working with this past year. In a few days, we’re announcing the lineup of restaurants – ranging from a small but incredible takeaway to a top-rated, high-end (and impossible to book) group of restaurants, from hipster hotspots to old-school Spanish cafeterias around the center.

More updates soon, in the meantime, MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

RFF Poster announce cities


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  1. Maria A Diaz-Stanchi says:

    You’re doing a good thing, Natalia. Very proud of you.


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