Ibiza Eats – Top restaurant recommendations at every budget

What’s it like to travel to Ibiza without the usual summer tourists in Covid times? A revelation of a rugged, enchanted island that far surpasses its 24/7 party island image. And of course, rife with incredible Mediterranean dining experiences.

Grub, Actually. (An elegy to the dearly departed Chelly’s in Malasaña)

Tucked away in a narrow street, looking almost shy to show itself to passersby, was my favorite hole-in-the-wall cantina, Chelly’s. Neon-colored Post-Its on a corkboard stuck on bamboo slats revealed the savoury specials for the day, Filipino favorites like beef mami, lechon kawali, sisig and kare kare. Ate Chelly (translating literally to “Big Sister Chelly”)…